Welcome to our WSCC business questionnaire.

In order for us to determine fiscal responsibility and our core businesses for 2020 and beyond please rate the following from 5 down to 1, where the higher the number, the more important the topic is for you.

WSCC Core business

WSCC provides rules & regulations for competitive club events.
WSCC provides adequate event insurance.
WSCC provides D&O insurance for club board members.

WSCC information distribution

WSCC provides a printed quarterly newsletter by mail.
WSCC provides a downloadable  quarterly newsletter on the Website.
WSCC provides and keeps up information on their Website.
WSCC send a monthly info campaign with updated news by email.


WSCC holds an annual Year End Banquet.
WSCC gives out trophies to individuals at the annual Year End Banquet.
WSCC gives out trophies to clubs at the annual Year End Banquet.
WSCC helps organizing a bi-annual convention/gathering.
WSCC hosts the annual Corvette Racing Event at Laguna Seca in Monterey.

Other Questions

Would you be willing to pay a subscription fee for a printed newsletter?

Should WSCC have a single rate & couples rate for membership dues?

Would you expect WSCC to provide discount sponsor offerings for members, for example discount tires, parts and other car related items ?